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dc.contributor.advisorSánchez Piloneta, Alfonso
dc.creatorGil Moreno, Diana Patricia
dc.creatorBlanco Arboleda, Yanin
dc.description.abstractTrabajo de grado donde las autoras, toman como experiencia a la Escuela Popular del Movimiento Humano - EPMH, quienes trabajan en Suacha desde 2014 como proceso social y comunitario, enmarcada en un agenciamiento comunitario, en donde se evidencian los procesos de construcción y fortalecimiento de la
dc.description.sponsorshipEscuela Popular del Movimiento Humanospa
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International*
dc.subjectOrganización comunitariaspa
dc.titleLa Escuela Popular del Movimiento Humano EPMH como agenciamiento comunitario en el municipio de Suachaspa
dc.subject.cindeDesarrollo social y comunitariospa
dc.subject.subjectenglishCommunity organizationeng
dc.description.abstractenglishUnderstanding the motivations that lead community organizations to think about transformations and changes in different areas allows, on the one hand, to understand their mechanism of action and their vision of their reality, and on the other, to recognize their own experience and dynamics They have built their process over time. For this reason, the Escuela Popular del Movimiento Humano - EPMH is taken as an experience to develop the present investigation with the aim of understanding how the EPMH is constituted in a possible experience of social agency integrated with community development in the municipality of Suacha.eng
dc.subject.lembDesarrollo comunitariospa
dc.subject.lembRelación escuela-comunidadspa

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Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International
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