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dc.contributor.advisorAlvarez Vargas, Cristina
dc.creatorOsorio Giraldo, Jesline
dc.creatorZuleta Lopez, Alba
dc.description.abstractEsta investigación tuvo como pregunta central ¿Cuáles son las formas de adultización de las infancias y cómo las viven los niños y niñas que habitan contextos rurales de los municipio de Ituango y Campamento, del Departamento de Antioquia, teniendo en cuenta las consecuencias que puede traer para el desarrollo infantil desde un enfoque de derechos?.spa
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International*
dc.subjectPerspectiva de Derechosspa
dc.subjectInfancias Ruralesspa
dc.titleFormas de adultización de las infancias: narrativas en contextos ruralesspa
dc.description.abstractenglishThis article is part of the research entitled FORMS OF ADULTS OF INFANCIES: NARRATIVES IN RURAL CONTEXTS, and is guided by concerns related to infancy and all the social phenomena that involve them, especially in what has to do with adulthood And the relationship that can have this with a school dropout in rural areas of Antioquia Camp. A reflection is made on what can be interwoven between an adulterated childhood, loaded with everything that is proper to the adult being (responsibilities, tasks, jobs, worries, etc.) and school dropout. It is evident that rurality has very different dynamics from urban centers, where priorities vary more according to the needs of the family, without taking into account the canons that society has built on what is considered to be childlike. In the case of this territory, child labor is part of the daily chores of children, which has led in many cases to the fact that education is not a priority. On the contrary, work becomes something that guarantees a future while studying is something optional and unnecessary for agricultural life. It is intended with this article to draw attention to the need for a deep look at Colombian rurality, especially at childhood in these contexts, since few research found for this specific population, which makes it even more invisible for the academy as opposed to state institutions.eng

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