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  • Childhood and adolescence: experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic in Argentina 

    Barcala, Alejandra; Poverene, Laura; Torricelli, Flavia; Parra, Marcela Alejandra; Wilner, Alejandro; Micele, Carla; Correles, Carolina; Moreno, Emilse; D’Angelo, Marcela; Heredia, Mariana; Sanchez, Nadia; Vila, Patricia
    (analytical)The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic and the preventive and compulsory social confinement established as a response by the national government of Argentina had an impact on the daily lives and subjectivities of ...
  • Human management practices in areas of schooled cultural contact, co-constructions 

    Ortiz-Cifuentes, Beatriz Elena; Chica-Lasso, Marco Fidel
    (analytical)The objective of this investigation is to understand the knowledge that subjects build regarding human management practices in schooled cultural contact zones, as co-constructions of social research. The ...
  • Participation in media and ICTs: children’s interests and expectations 

    Lafaurie-Molin, Andrea; López-Ordosgoitia, Rocío; Giraldo-Cadavid, Diana Alexandra; Aristizábal-García, Diana Marcela
    (analytical)The presence of analogue and digital media in the lives of children and adolescents reshapes discussions on child participation, with an emphasis on participation that is facilitated through screens. A qualitative ...
  • La crisis de la subsidiariedad en el Servicio Nacional de Menores: Chile (1994-2021) 

    Castillo-Gallardo, Patricia; Gonzalez-Celis, Alejandra; Rivas-Naranjo, Viviana
    En los últimos años en Chile se asiste a un intenso debate sociolegislativo respecto al modo en que el Estado y la sociedad se responsabilizan de la niñez que, por diferentes razones, no puede estar al cuidado de sus ...
  • Programando-Ando: Enrichment of Gifted Abilities in Elementary School Children 

    Grimaldo Salazar, Edgar; Chávez Soto, Blanca Ivet
    (analytical)This study aimed to identify the effects of the «Programando-Ando» (Programming-ing) Enrichment Program on the academic self-esteem, creativity and intelligence of gifted students in an elementary school. A ...
  • Childhood and the Cultural Politics of Development in Pan American Day Celebrations, 1930-1948 

    Albarran, Elena Jackson
    (analytical)This article takes a critical look at the construction of Latin American childhood imagined from the vantage point of the United States through the cultural politics of Pan Americanism. It analyzes children’s ...
  • Knowledge and myths among Colombian teachers about high intellectual abilities 

    Gutiérrez-Ruiz, Karol
    (analytical)The objective of this study was to describe the knowledge and myths among Colombian teachers regarding students with High Intellectual Abilities (HIA), analyzing their relationship with sociodemographic variables ...
  • Youth participation and education in social movements in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area 

    Palumbo, María Mercedes; Gonzalez, María Ana; Tapia, Victoria
    (analytical)Education as part of youth participation is the primary interest of this study. Specifically, the authors analyse the educational aspect of social movements emerging in neighbourhoods as part of young people’s ...
  • Affectivity in the implementation of child welfare poli 

    Garcia-Meneses, Javiera; Chanez-Cortés, Iván; Fardella-Cisternas, Carla; Corvalán-Navia, Alejandra
    (analytical)Chile is an emblematic case in the implementation of a neoliberal child welfare policy. This policy is now almost entirely undertaken by private organizations, financed based on their achievement of standardized ...
  • Ecological perspective of the construction of life projects by rural youth 

    Erazo-borras, Camila Yomara; Ceballos-Mora, Ana Karen; Matabanchoy-Salazar, Johana Madelyn
    (analytical)The life projects of Colombian young people in rural areas are facing difficulties in terms of planning and implementation. This study sought to identify the factors that affect rural young people’s construction ...
  • Parenting and its effect on adolescent self-determination and wellbeing 

    Cordero-López, María Begoña; Calventus-Salvador, Joan
    (analytical)The objective of this research was to determine the effects of parenting on self-determination and quality of life for adolescents. A total of 544 adolescents (55% female) between 13 and 18 years of age ...
  • Educational inclusion in a pandemic, intersectionality, and the situation of Venezuelan minors in Bogotá 

    Rodríguez-Lizarralde, Carolina; López-Villamil , Stephanie; Barrera-García, Angie Daniela
    (analytical)The objective of this article is to understand the dynamics of inclusion of Venezuelan Children and Adolescents in international migratory flows in the city of Bogotá. Based on a mixed research, figures are ...
  • Trajectories and cultural tensions in migrant adolescents residing in Chile 

    Vera-Álvarez, Nicolás; Riquelme-Sandoval, Sandra
    Contemporary migrations have significantly challenged the development of parenting in the core of the transnational family. Faced with this scenario, it is of interest to approach the trajectories of migrant adolescents ...
  • Mother and baby interactions: Impact of maternal beliefs 

    Faas, Ana Eugenia; Codosea, Lorena Elsa; Curti, Julieta; Ferrero, María José; Herrero, María Inés; Marasca, Roxana; Nanzer, Carolina; Polantonio, Patricia; Rabinovich, Diana
    (analytical)Parental ideas about child development can be guided by false beliefs and influence early interactions. Adolescent mother and baby bonding ideas and interactions are related in this study. Adolescent motherhood ...
  • Being a college student in COVID-19 times: online classes and daily life 

    Saucedo-Ramos, Claudia Lucy; Pérez-Campos, Gilberto; Canto-Maya, Claudia Elisa
    (analytical)The paper addresses the adjustments made bypsychology students in their daily lives to continue with their online classes. From a cultural psychology approach and a qualitative research approach, we analyze the ...
  • Everything at the same time: Daily life of young university parents in the Pandemic 

    Cardenas-Ramos, Zoraida; Chalarca-Carmona, Carolina
    (analytical)The pandemic derived from COVID-19 implied for mothers and fathers who were university students in Manizales Colombia, experience daily dynamics of simultaneous care and academic training. The narrative analysis ...
  • Intervention and migrant families: critical analysis of "vulnerability" from professionals 

    Calquin, Claudia; Galaz, Caterine; Magaña, Irene
    (analytical)This paper analyzes the meanings that the notion of vulnerability acquires in social interventions with migrant families in Santiago de Chile in relation to a system that has high levels of xenophobia and racism. ...
  • Implementation of an Early Childhood Policy in Cartagena, Colombia 

    Arrieta-Flórez, Rosaura; Còrdoba Girado, Lina Luz; Sayas-Contreras, Rafaela
    (analytical)The best interests of the child is an obligation of the Colombian State, proposed in its Constitution and implemented through public policies. However, the material conditions for children in the country do not ...
  • Moving forward: Political subjectivities in early childhood and families in exile 

    Ospina-Alvarado, María Camila; Luna, María Teresa; Alvarado, Sara Victoria
    (analytical)The article presents the results of a research study that aimed to comprehend and strengthen the political subjectivities of children in early childhood whose families come from the context of armed conflict. ...
  • Research hotbeds as a space for the recognition of gifted people 

    Gallardo Cerón, Blanca Nelly; Duque-Castaño, David Santiago
    (analytical)The present study is the result of the research on research hotbeds (semilleros de investigación) as a space for the recognition of gifted and talented people. Using phenomenological and hermeneutical approaches, ...

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